World Day for Decent Work: Time to Change the Rules

World Day for Decent Work: Time to Change the Rules

Since the first World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) in 2008, 7 October has been a day for global mobilising, to focus public debate on the fundamental right to Decent Work for a Decent Life for All.

Decent work is about access to freely chosen employment, it is about rights at work, universal social protection and the participation of workers in the decisions that affect them.

“Change the Rules” is this year’s WDDW global theme: sounding the alarm about the need to radically transform the current unsustainable development model.

The need for a critical shift away from the current unsustainable development model is also reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Achieving Decent Work for all is one of its 17 goals.

Indeed, current rules have contributed to exacerbating inequalities - both between and within countries - shrinking the democratic space, undermining labour rights and contributing to the destruction of the environment.

The reality experienced by many people in Europe does not look rosy: 118 million people (23.5% of the population) are living at risk of poverty or social exclusion and precarious working conditions have resulted in too many people experiencing exclusion and disadvantage.

SOLIDAR strongly believes that

  • Changing the rules means a change of direction – to a social direction. There is enough wealth to create decent work, ensure universal social protection for all and other fundamental rights but this wealth will not trickle down by itself: rules are needed to make this happen.
  • Changing the rules will require all progressive forces to campaign, advocate and act for the radical transformation of the current economic rules, reclaim democratic space and ensure the respect of human and environmental rights. 

This is what SOLIDAR will keep working for: changing the rules to advance Social Justice in Europe and worldwide. SOLIDAR has been strongly involved in the Decent Work Decent Life campaign leading into World Day for Decent Work.​

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