World Day for Decent Work: Wage Justice at the heart of a Just Transition.

October 7th is the World Day for Decent Work. Amidst a dramatic raise of the cost of basic goods and services, fuelled by speculative interests, SOLIDAR joins the ITUC call for wage justice all around the world

Wage Justice and, more broadly, Decent Work are at the heart of the Just Transition the European Union is committed to, within Europe and Globally. 

As reiterated by the OPIC and SOLIDAR Report “A Just Transition for the Global South”, social and environmental justice are impossible to separate from each other. The right to decent work, including the right to adequate minimum wage, to universal social protection, to freedom of association and collective bargaining and to a freely chosen job remain as important as ever in the move towards a green economy.  

In this framework, SOLIDAR welcomes the recent European Commission’s proposal for a regulation to prohibit products made with forced labour on the Union's market.  

Together with its members, allies and partners in the Global South, SOLIDAR will keep advocating for the achievement of SDG 8 (Decent Work for All) and for the EU to take the lead in adopting ambitious legislations to ensure that multinational companies operating in third countries respect the international labour standards defined by the International Labour Organisations (ILO). 

The European Union has the political credibility, the policy and legal frameworks and the financial tools to champion the transition to a green economy and ensure it is ‘just’ and it has at its heart the promotion of Decent Work for All. 


Picture Credits: Hafiz Johari via Shutterstock