WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2022 | Stand with refugees and their rights everywhere

On World Refugee Day, as every other day of the year, SOLIDAR stands with refugees and all those forced to flee their homes. Everyone has the right to seek protection whoever they are, wherever they come from, whenever they are forced to flee and however they move. 

We fight for refugees and asylum applicants’ fundamental rights, including their social rights, their right to a safe and fulfilling life, and their full participation in societies.  

SOLIDAR members have long-standing traditions in working with refugees and people seeking protection, providing humanitarian relief in zones of conflict, poverty and disasters, meeting first needs and enabling access to rights at the borders, and organising their inclusion and participation in host societies. Today, we want to showcase their work and important commitment with exiled people, in different contexts and areas of the world:

Progetto Sud: 

Since the outbreak of the war, our Italian member Progetto Sud has provided humanitarian assistance to respond to the needs of refugees and displaced persons in Ukraine and neighbouring countries (mostly Poland and Romania) In cooperation with Unione Italiana del Lavoro – UIL and Polish organisation A Country to Live In, Progetto Sud has set up a shelter in Warsaw, offering housing, food, clothing, psychosocial support and assistance in socialization to people fleeing Ukraine and Belarus – mostly mothers and children 

Learn more about Progetto Sud's work with people fleeing Ukraine from their Facebook page or on their website

Movimiento por la Paz - MPDL

Our Spanish member MPDL has been welcoming refugees from Afghanistan. Their International Protection programme aims to implement a comprehensive intervention approach to individual and families’ integration and autonomy in Spain: 

  • Phase 1 covers the basic needs through the access to the various reception schemes (registration, health including psychological support, legal assistance, schooling). Enabling refugees’ access to mental health support is crucial when so many of them have gone through traumatic events that can have long-lasting effects. 

  • Phase 2 is initiated after the exit of the first reception system. MPDL keeps supporting beneficiaries in their integration and autonomy process – including with financial support.  

MPDL also works Refugees outside of Spain, such as with Palestine refugees in the MENA region. In 2017, UNRWA counted 5.7 million Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Occupied Territories. MPDL supports these people in partnership with local organisations, on topics of citizenship, disability, women's empowerment and health. 

Find out more about MPDL's values and activities on their website.


Our Belgian member FOS fights for decent work in the agro-domestic sectors in Latin and Central America and Asia. FOS explains that economic motives alone cannot account for the migration of these domestic workers, and calls for rethinking the categories of migrants and refugees within a peace-development-climate change nexus. 

''Usually it is a combination of different factors that causes people to leave it all behind. In Central America, most countries cumulate plights: the lack of economic opportunities (such as in Venezuela), lack of safety (as with Mara gangs in Honduras or years of unrest in Colombia), destroyed industrial sites in Honduras or droughts (like the Dry corridor accross El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua).''  

Learn more about FOS’ work on decent work from their website.

Solidar Suisse: 

On #WorldRefugeeDay, our Swiss member Solidar Suisse draws attention to the dire situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Their daily life in the settlements are marked with misery, poverty and deprivation, lack of schooling opportunities for children and child labour. Solidar Suisse supports these refugees in Peshawar with meeting their basic needs, providing food, hygiene products and other basic commodities. 

Ameenullah Z. and Dil Jan F. are just two of the millions of Afghan who have fled to Peshawar. Read the stories of Ameenullah Z. and Dil Jan F. (EN/FR/DE) and donate to support the solidarity effort with refugees so they can have a decent life: 


Picture credits: Aitor Serra Martin via Shutterstock