Organising International Solidarity

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With inequality, encroachment on democracy and social unrest increasing internationally, the SOLIDAR network of civil society organisations will give increased attention to the objectives of improving social justice for all, democracy-building and the fair distribution of resources.

Our members are active in development cooperation programmes as well as humanitarian assistance. We are a key international partner in achieving sustainable and inclusive development, showcased particularly in the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) 'Organising International Solidarity' with the European Union.

The following areas will particularly increase in importance in the coming period:

  • Building a global civil society movement: by enlarging our alliances and partnership on a global level with trade unions and other networks which share our values and principles – especially networks of migrants, women, youth and grass-roots organisations. SOLIDAR will be a visible and outspoken participant on the global level and will facilitate members´ participation in international events such as the World Social Forum and thematic and regional events.
  • Developing and strengthening a strong campaign around organising and the freedom of association; maintaining a global SOLIDAR voice on the right to organise and civil and political human rights, combined with support for members with campaign material and operational tools for political lobbying, pressure and media work in both home countries as well as programme countries.
  • Promoting global campaigns to support members and our sisters and brothers in the trade union movement by focusing on decent work and social protection; poverty; unemployment; free trade; and the need to strengthen ILO conventions
  • Developing mechanisms for swift facilitation of cooperation between members involved in humanitarian work as well as support mechanisms for others who wish to support such action.
  • Promoting social justice campaigns with specific focus on the Middle East and North Africa (Arab States) region.

As stated in SOLIDAR's New Strategic Orientation, published in June 2015.

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