Realising a Social Europe for All

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SOLIDAR will contribute to the general harmonisation of the European pillar of Social Rights, specifically to achieve an ambitious Action Plan of the Pillar, a more progressive and solidaric Pact on Asylum and Migration and to make it a central element of the national recovery plans, in the implementation of the Green Deal, and for the redesign of the European Semester.

For the period 2021-2025, SOLIDAR's work on social affairs will be focused on the following areas:  

  • Access to sustainable, universal, and quality essential services such as, healthcare, education, housing, water and sanitation, and social services to guarantee the implementation of fundamental rights for all and to contribute actively to enhancing individuals’ and especially marginalised persons’ societal participation and active inclusion in society.  

  • Economic and fiscal governance, to promote fair and progressive taxation, and proper legislation that underpins sustainable, inclusive, and redistributive social policies and a sustainable recovery after Covid 19 pandemic. Advocating for a revised and more comprehensive European Semester process that includes and tackles inequalities as well as the main tenets of the EPSR. 

  • Promoting decent work, including job stability, standard employment, fair and evidence-based living wages, and safe and adequate working conditions. The Covid 19 pandemic has once again brought the precariousness of the 2008 crisis to the spotlight and highlights the fact that the most indispensable essential workers, such as teachers, care workers and service workers, are often working under difficult and low wage working conditions, as well as how disguised self-employed workers and platform workers, are among the most affected while being among the most under-protected and exposed in the labour market. 

  • Promoting increased access to rights for marginalised groups and migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers as key to achieve a social Europe for all and to live up to the commitments of international and European treaties. The pandemic has once again revealed the extreme vulnerability of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. Yet in the face of unwilling Member States, it remains a challenge for the EU to take collective measures to safeguard their rights and wellbeing. 

As stated in SOLIDAR's New Organisational Strategy, published in June 2021.

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