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SOLIDAR’s main objective in the field of Social Affairs is to improve progress towards a more social Europe. Against the background of our European social fabric which has been seriously damaged by the economic crisis and by the effects of one-sided austerity policies, the SOLIDAR family of civil society organisations will advocate for a policy change that puts social consolidation back at the heart of EU policies.

Our members represent civic movements, bringing together millions of individuals, as well as service providers. They offer social and healthcare services, social services responding to needs across the life cycle as well as training and lifelong learning for vulnerable, socially excluded, disadvantaged and underprivileged people, migrants and asylum seekers. They have a long-standing tradition in the field of social services, education, training, leisure and cultural activities. As civic movements they contribute to the social cohesion of local communities, encourage civic engagement and mobilise social capital. They cooperate closely to promote solidarity, active inclusion and people’s empowerment in order to fight increasing poverty and social exclusion, rising levels of unemployment and declining citizens’ trust in the European project

The following areas will particularly increase in importance in the coming period:

  • Together for Social Europe: Strengthening the capacity of SOLIDAR civil society organisations to monitor policy developments, to participate in EU decision making processes and to provide evidence-based recommendations on the direction to be taken to tackle the social crisis and increase more active inclusion and social cohesion.
  • Strengthening the social economy is our contribution to a smart, sustainable and inclusive development of Europe. Social economy actors are a pillar of our democratic society; they promote the quality of living together, ensure the peaceful environment of our social system and improve the lives of many people. They concentrate their economic activity on the achievement of social and sustainable goals, value skills, competences and knowledge and constantly develop innovative approaches.
  • Continuing to promote people’s access to affordable, sustainable and quality social services as a way to guarantee the implementation of fundamental rights for all and to contribute actively to enhancing individuals’ and especially vulnerable persons’ societal participation and active inclusion. SOLIDAR will work together with its members and European partners to improve the capacity of civil society organisations which provide social services and to strengthen their role in civil dialogue as well as in the EU decision making process.
  • Raising the voice of our members involved in active citizenship and volunteering. People’s empowerment and social engagement are crucial aspects of the creation of a more cohesive society in which every individual can fully participate and realise her/his own potential and contribute to the well-being of their communities.
  • Ensuring the social dimension of enlargement and integrate partners from Southern and Eastern Europe into the European Union.

As stated in SOLIDAR's New Strategic Orientation, published in June 2015

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