Algorithm for New Ecological Approaches to Inclusion (ECO-IN)

The Algorithm for New Ecological Approaches to Inclusion (ECO-IN) project was launched in 2019, with the aim of developing new and innovative training model to generate inclusive schools and communities.

In order to achieve this, the project consortium, comprising the University of Perugia, FORMA.Azione, the Lithuanian Education Trade Union, University of Urbino, MIRADA LOCAL, the School Inspectorate of Alba County (Romania) and SOLIDAR Foundation, runs in-depth research on the inclusion practices in primary and secondary education in Romania, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy.

Based on the needs identified across these EU member states, and following further research at EU level, the project delivers indicators for monitoring successful inclusion practices, policy recommendations to boost inclusion and training to prepare all education stakeholders (teachers, school heads, policymakers, parents, families) to actively participate in a system that puts the learners' well-being and development at the centre of their work.

The project is co-founded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and is expected to conclude its activities in 2022.

This is a summary of the project in Spanish: