IMAGES – I Manage and Empower My Skills

The IMAGES (I Manage and Empower My Skills) project, funded by ERASMUS+, aims to support managers of not-for-profit third sector organizations in identifying their competences and further developmental needs.  

IMAGES aims to provide opportunities for third sector managers to develop their skillset in a way that benefits their organizations and creates avenues to transfer their competences from one EU Member State to another. The project provides a voice to civil society in EU debates on the validation and acquisition of competences. 

The project's first output is a European Repertoire of Skills for these managers, transferable across the EU. The second output is a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for professionals on how to verify the competences of third sector managers. The project’s overall goal is to create recommendations for a European framework that can help third sector managers validate and acquire competences.  

Besides SOLIDAR Foundation, the project consortium comprises: