The Progressive Lab for Sustainable Development

The Progressive Lab for Sustainable Development initiative aims to open a discussion on approaches and solutions to fight inequality, promote education for all and mobilize domestic resources. A selection of papers supervised by the Advisory Group Members will help enriching the debate.

The Progressive Lab for Sustainable Development (PLSD) is a joint initiative between the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D) and SOLIDAR. The main objective is to open a reflection on how the embedding of the 2030 Agenda into the EU policies could contribute to reducing inequalities and mobilising domestic resources for sustainable development.

The PLSD invited journalists, professionals, academics and researchers to prepare a short academic paper on one of the three main clusters covered by the Lab, namely, fighting inequalities, mobilising domestic resource for sustainable development and education. The selected articles will be revised and further developed over the next few months, before being published in the final Lab book that will be launched during a public conference to be held in April 2017.

This initiative seeks to feed the ongoing policy processes undertaken by the European Institutions, notably the Review of the EU consensus for Development, the Mid-term review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF), the Revision of the EU-ACP partnership agreement, and the adoption of an EU overarching strategy to implement 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

In the framework of the PLSD, up to ten papers will be developed under the supervision of a high level scientific Advisory Board consisting of Prof. Lelio Iapadre (Professor of Economics at University of L’Aquila), Mr. Roberto Bissio (Executive director of the Instituto del Tercer Mundo), HE. Carles Casajuana (Writer), Dr. Sahar T. Rad (Political Economist), Dr. Markus Loewe (Senior researcher at the German Development Institute), Dr. Annalisa Prizzon (Research Fellow within CAPE), Prof. Stephany Griffith-Jones (Financial Markets Director at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) and Associate Fellow at ODI), Prof. Koen de Feyter (Professor of International Law at the University of Antwerp, PILC and the University of Maastricht), Prof. Liliana Rodrigues (Professor, Researcher and MEP) and Ms. Fabiana Maglio (Education Specialist).


Key moments:

  • 7th December 2016: Symposium for peer review (closed meeting)
  • March 2017: PLSD publication ready
  • April 2017: Public Conference


For more information:

Biographies of the Advisory Group Members.