The project VINCE – Validation for the inclusion of new citizens in Europe puts emphasis on offering a constant dissemination and exploitation strategy not only during the whole project duration but afterwards as well. It is a fact that dissemination and exploitation activities are crucial to maintain a transfer of project results and good practices, as well as to enhance the visibility and impact of the Erasmus+ programme and to feed policy-processes. All project partners are aware of the relevance of a high quality and outreaching dissemination and are interested in implementing a project that has a long-lasting and sustainable impact. Dissemination activities will find a high priority during the whole project duration in order to achieve these goals and getting a big target-group interested and engaged in the project and after the project as well. The intensity and kind of dissemination vary due to the different phases of the project, but nevertheless, all project partners will engage in dissemination activities throughout the project to keep all internationally interested parties informed about the project´s progress and outcomes. Hence, for such a strategy all project partners need to know who to address and to know the target group, and the reason why they are addressing them. The goal is to achieve maximum impact for the results of the Erasmus+ funded project VINCE and gather a wide audience as well as the need to inform future policies. Therefore, all dissemination and exploitation activities the project are key to safeguard impact and sustainability.

The guidelines in multiple languages that can be used by HE institution that work with refugees were published online in multiple languages

  • Welcome to Europe
  • Welcome to Validation
  • Welcome to this Country
  • Welcome to this Institution
  • Welcome to validation 

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