Algeria Country Report: Monitoring ENP Progress Report 2013

Algeria Country Report: Monitoring ENP Progress Report 2013

The Arab Spring has fundamentally changed the political landscape of Europe’s Southern neighbourhood – the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Despite high expectations, after more than two years the revolutions have thus far been unable to produce consolidated and stable democracies. Significant changes have been produced in all countries but measures continue to limit the democratic space in the region.

In the aftermath of the uprisings, the EU offered its Southern Mediterranean partner countries “A partnership for democracy and shared prosperity” in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Bilateral relations with the MENA have concentrated on a number of dominant topics, such as the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms; democracy, good governance and rule of law; and the development of relations and partnerships with organisations that share the values of the Union.

In light of the Progress Reports on implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy 2013, SOLIDAR conducted a consultation process from April to June 2013 to provide an opportunity for the organisations within the “SOLIDAR Network for Social justice in the MENA region” to comment on the progress reports prepared by the EU. This country report presents the outcomes of the consultation which focused on the key topics when it comes to the promotion of social justice: Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly, Decent Work and Social protection.

The responses to the consultation clearly indicate that in Algeria worrying developments took place in 2012 and 2013. These developments demand attention in the new Progress Reports and should be incorporated in the policy making that shapes the relations between the EU and the region.

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