Briefing Note - Putting solidarity in social distancing: CSOs at the forefront of social innovation

Along with social injustice, the coronavirus outbreak has unveiled the extraordinary social innovation that nests in progressive Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Our members work closely with the communities they support on a daily basis, and the social distancing imposed to prevent a further spread of Coronavirus has heavily affected their possibility to work. Yet it hasn’t stopped them.

Thanks to their community-based knowledge and expertise, our members were reacting impressively promptly to the crisis: this briefing note reports the actions of solidarity organised by our members during the ongoing social emergency.

We publish it to inspire policy-makers, and all citizens, to envision the society we aspire to live in after the pandemic. We publish it also to showcase that solidarity is what keeps communities bound together through the hardest times and that it’s what makes communities thrive at all times. 

Special thanks to our members and partners featured and involved: Volunteering MattersLa Ligue de l´EnseignementLa Liga Española de la EducaciónARCI, CIVICUS, CEMEA FranceCEMEA Belgium, Solidarité Laïque, Willi Eichler Akademie, Pour la Solidarité, IRIS Network, MKC Praha
Image credit: ARCI.

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