Briefing paper - Maquila workers in Central America: Falling off the boat in the coronavirus storm?

Among the sectors whose workers are being strongly affected by the COVID19 crisis, is the garment maquilas (factories in the free trade zone) in Central America. About 400.000 people are working in the maquilas: mostly women, many of them poor, with low level of education, single mothers, head of their household.

With this Briefing Paper, SOLIDAR (together with its members that have a long standing presence in Central America*) wants to give a voice to these workers and to raise the European Union’s attention on the need for a stronger partnership with CSOs and Trade Unions to cope with the current crisis and, above all, to shape tomorrow’s global production and consumption model - based on the respect of human rights and planetary boundaries.

(*) Particularly our members ISCODACPPFOS and ISCOS (last two co-authors of the publication).