Case study 'Centre for Peace Studies Volunteers Club KVOC'

The Centre for Peace Studies Volunteers Club (CPS), called “KVOC”, is a group of volunteers in Croatia, mainly in Zagreb, who support refugees in their everyday life in Croatian society. The volunteers actively engaged in the club are representative of different social groups – students, employed, unemployed, migrants, refugees, Croatians, etc. KVOC is active in Reception Centres for Asylum Seekers in the cities of Zagreb and Kutina, as well as in different neighbourhoods around the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Members of KVOC attend extensive training where they are prepared for working with refugees, informed of previous experiences and obstacles, and encouraged to bring in new ideas that can improve the process of integration. The CPS has developed its volunteer network over the past 13 years and its activities have sparked strong interest among Croatian citizens – which is why the Volunteers Club was established, in order to encourage volunteers to take their own responsible and active initiatives regarding integration issues.

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