Case study 'Fair income and social rights for third country national farm hands'

“Fair income and social rights for farm hands” provides cultural and linguistic mediation courses for third-country nationals who work as farm hands. The project aims to ensure labour and citizenship rights, by helping them to get fair treatment and assist their better integration into Italian society.

Furthermore, the project aims to prevent and reduce illegal and black market labour in the agricultural sector, seeking the cooperation of the farmer’s confederation.

First phase: Cultural and linguistic mediation courses of 100 hours in Alto Bradano, an area located in a region (Basilicata) in southern Italy.

Every summer the area faces a crisis caused by the arrival of thousands of third country nationals looking for work in the harvest season. They are day labourers without a stable home. They almost always camp in deserted farmhouses, with poor sanitation and living in difficult economic conditions. They also have little or no information regarding their rights and how to access to public services.

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