Case study 'Maison de Ther'

The Maison de Ther is a multipurpose service structure for employees of the various companies based in ZAC (Zone d’aménagement concerté, urban development zone) of Ther, near Beauvais, in the French department of Oise.

The Maison de Ther opened in 2016 and provides services such as

  • A social space for leisure activities, well-being, discussions and meetings (eg: parents’ café, knowledge exchange, sharing of gardening tools);
  • A childcare centre (30 places) close to the parents’ workplace for shorter journeys and more flexibility;
  • A concierge service with local sports and cultural information, as well as “small” daily services (ironing, administrative support…);
  • An ironing centre which contributes to a social inclusion programme;
  • Sports activities adapted to companies’ hours;
  • A training hub for occupations related to childhood and early childhood, sports, organising activities…

The Maison de Ther building itself is made of natural environmentally friendly materials and includes many green spaces.

This project is carried out by the Oise federation of La Ligue de l’enseignement, in partnership with other local organisations.

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