Case Study “Monitoring camps and agreements in the framework of externalisation policies”

The project aims to lay out a structure/framework for the establishment of a pan-European observatory (especially Italy) monitoring the externalisation of migration related activities such as the management of refugee camps in countries of transit and, possibly, of origin. The creation of a network of NGOs (under ARCI ownership and coordination) which keep a close eye on how EU agencies, EU institutions and  EU Member States finance refugee camps is essential to grasp the legal mechanisms and identify potential infringements of fundamental rights. The dissemination of information and documentation regarding bilateral agreements and summits (Khartoum, Valetta, and Istanbul) is a crucial means of  highlighting this growing (but not new) trend of border management and alerting public opinion and institutions (European Court of Human Rights) of breaches of fundamental rights.

National partners: ASGI, Caritas, Eritrea Democratica, Agenzia Habeisha, Lunaria.

International partners: Forum Social Maghreb-Mashreck, Euromediterranean Network for Human Rights, Migreurop, FIDH, Forum Droits Economique et Sociaux (Tunisia), Alternative Niger (Niger), Amera (Egypt), MDM Belgique, Niger field programme.

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