Decent Work: The Albanian Fason Industry (in English)

Decent Work: The Albanian Fason Industry

The aim of this case study is to assess the state of play in Albania regarding the implementation of decent work objectives by specifically looking at the textile and footwear industry and to then draw conclusions and policy recommendations on how to improve the situation. It was prepared based on literature reviews, data gathered from trade union confederations and interviews conducted with workers. The textile and footwear sector has been selected since it employs a significant share of employees, a high percentage of women and is characterised by a large number of unregistered workers. To achieve its goal, the study first presents the socio-economic situation in the country and the sector. It then evaluates the different elements of the Decent Work Agenda such as social protection, functioning of trade unions and women’s rights in order to identify deficits. Finally, the recommendations outline multiple activities that should be undertaken by various sides to ensure further progress and better fulfillment of the decent work objectives.

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