Education and Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 | Bulgaria

Bulgaria is still facing huge educational problems, although it has made big efforts during the last years. However, the country still occupies the last placein lifelong learning, has no national framework for non-formal and informal learning, is among the firsts in early school leaving and has a share of NEETs well above EU average. Their reforms are therefore not far reaching enough and need to be more persistent, more coherent and better developed.


  • Improve access to LLL opportunities and further develop the strategy on early school leaving;
  •  Develop a national, coherent scheme for validation of NFIL;
  • Improve the quality of education and training systems;
  • Develop the implementation of the strategy on early school leaving (which is still at an early stage);
  • Improve the employability and reaching out of NEETs, especially of Roma who are over-represented among the target group.