Education and Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 | France

France is performing at average level with regards to education and has done some major efforts during the last years. However, a few challenges remain and the French government still needs to find a solution to reduce educational inequalities. Additionally, professional training needs to be more generalized, as people are trained with very specific skills that only respond to a specific need on the market. VET’s and apprenticeship are underdeveloped and links between the education system and the labour market are still insufficient. One of the failure of the “alternance” system is that there are no sufficient means to prepare and accompany apprentices during their time within the companies.


  • Generalize skills and competences taught during professional training in order to adapt to the flexibility of needs of the labour market;
  • Remove barriers to youth guarantee and facilitate access for this particularly vulnerable target group;
  • Develop VET and apprenticeships as well as create links between the education system and the labour market;
  • Fight educational inequalities by ensuring that every child has access to quality education and by taking measures to prevent early school leaving;
  • Concerning the validation of experience, efforts to broaden access, improve the transparency of the procedure, shorten its length and encourage its use across a wider range of qualifications and profiles are still required.