Education and Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 | Greece

Greece had been severely hit by the economic crisis and the following austerity measures. Hence, adult participation in lifelong learning, VET and NEETs have especially suffered during the last years. Although, they have made some progress in reducing early school leaving and in terms of validation of non-formal and informal learning, Greece has a particularly high early school leaver rate in its migrant community.


  • Further implementation of concrete measures to support the policy developments for lifelong learning;
  • Reduce the number of early school leavers with a migrant background by improving social inclusion in education;
  • Complete the creation process of a national, comprehensive framework for validation;
  • Monitor the implementation of the newly introduced law on lifelong learning and adjust it when needed;
  • Support young people not in employment, education or training by the means of the Greek Youth Guarantee, whose implementation needs to be carefully monitored and adjusted when needed.