Education and Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 | Italy

Italy’s education system is characterized by below-EU average school outcomes, and relatively high early school leaving rates. Consequently, the proportion of young people aged between 15 and 24 not in employment, education or training is the highest in the EU and youth unemployment reached almost 43 % in the third quarter of 2014. Nonetheless, Italy has taken some action in the past, such as having made the VET system more attractive.


  • Adopt and implement the planned school reform and expand vocationally-oriented tertiary education;
  • Strengthen and broaden practical training through work-based learning and VET in order to promote the employability of the students and to facilitate the transition from the school to the labour market;
  • Further develop and promote lifelong learning;
  • Set up a structured and organized national system of control and monitoring of VET;
  • Put in place the national register of regional qualifications;
  • Develop further measures to fight youth unemployment and to reach out to NEETs.