Education and Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 | Spain

Spain’s main challenges facing education and training remain early school leaving and the mismatch between the education and training  programmes and the labour market. Spain has begun reforming the VET system to better adapt young people’s skills to labour market needs and  to increase the attractiveness and acceptance of VET programmes, but it appears that the new approach is stigmatizing and selective.


  • Establish and open up a system of validation of skills that does not require passage through the formal education system;
  • Take solid actions to decrease the early school leaving rate;
  • Promote the access to official documentation and information to educational guidance and strengthen the support for vulnerable groups (NEETs, women...);
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy of integration of education for citizenship;
  • Provide good quality offers of employment, apprenticeships and traineeships for young people and improve the outreach to nonā€registered unemployed young people, in line with the objectives of a youth guarantee.