Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE 2017) Report

Good figures with a lot of « But » and a focus on intergenerational justice

On 17 July 2017 the European Commission published its annual ESDE Report[1], unlike in the previous not in line with the Annual Growth Survey in the framework of the European Semester at the beginning of the year but only in July - and without a public presentation. SOLIDAR has been calling for this annual overview of the most important social and employment-related developments in the EU as it gives a comprehensive and detailed picture of the social situation in Europe. This year’s edition has a focus on intergenerational justice by concentrating on the situation on the labour market and pension systems.

SOLIDAR welcomes the ESDE 2017 - although published with a significant delay - and points at the fact that the report states many good figures that give reason for hope but at the same time it stresses a lot of restrictions to these positive developments. The European Pillar of Social Rights is a good opportunity to tackle these restrictions and ensure high-level social standards for everyone living in Europe.




[1] http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-17-1988_en.htm

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