Policy Update: Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions – Smalls steps in the right direction


  • New minimum standards for all employed workers - also those with atypical contracts - about essential elements of their employment relationship.
  • Workers must be given an updated and extended information package on obligations and working conditions at commencement of employment.
  • Once in place, the new Directive will repeal the current Written Statement Directive from 1991.

The Directive:

  • Information provided by employer includes place and type of work, date of commencement and duration of employment, remuneration details, arrangements for overtime, amount of paid leave, length of notice periods, length of normal working day/week, information on collective agreements.
  • Mandatory training must be cost-free.
  • Probation period of maximum of 6 months.
  • Ability to take up another job with a different employer.
  • Information must be provided in a written form within the first week for the initial basic information.