Social Protection Monitoring 2015 Country Report | Lebanon

The EU-Lebanon partnership should support the Lebanese government:

  • In strengthening the regulatory role of the state in the provision of essential services, defining the role of the different public and private stakeholders, monitoring their performance thus rooting out corruption and waste, and enhancing the effectiveness of the administrations;
  • In enhancing the quality of public education, through developing a new unified curriculum, establishing and implementing quality-oriented strategies especially for public schools in rural areas and adapting the school environment to the basic needs of children and people with disabilities;
  • To focus on the core problematic of the right to work, namely the lack of a comprehensive employment policy in Lebanon. To introduce the necessary amendments to the Labor Code and apply resolutely the Labour Law in terms of ensuring workers’ rights and improve working conditions;
  • In promoting a rights-based approach to Social Protection, shifting away from the belief that it is a service and charity care and not a principle of human rights and adopting a sustainable development-oriented socio-economic policies.