Social Protection Monitoring 2015 Country Report | Tunisia

The EU-Tunisia Partnership should:
Focus more on the access to education, taking into account the non-formal and informal learning, and provide technical support and funding to ensure that the reform of the education system be a social reform and not merely a technical reform. Take into account the Tunisia’s specific needs, by putting in place a bilateral cooperation framework ensuring migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ rights.

Support the Tunisian government to:

  • Reform the health sector to ensure universal access to health care facilities through an upgrading of the Tunisian public sector,
  • Intensify efforts to improve women’s access to formal and decent employment,
  • To effectively combat child labor and integrate Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in the labor market,
  • Reform the social protection system to face with its weaknesses,
  • Intensify efforts to improve women and disabled people’s access to political, economic and social life and
  • Strengthen the CSOs’ capacity to participate in the consultation process.

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