Social Protection Monitoring Country Report | Democratic Republic of the Congo

Main recommendations

  • In order to ensure access to essential services, more emphasis should go on improving the quality of public services as well as improving working conditions of the workers in these sectors.
  • More effort should be made to create opportunities for young people in terms of access to training, jobs and credit. This training should take account of the available opportunities in the labour market, as well as support the development of business skills.
  • Strengthening governance and the fight against corruption should continue to be a key area for cooperation between the EU and DRC.
  • The EU Delegation consultations with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) should be reinforced and become a structural element of all phases of the programming. In particular, CSOs must be supported to enable them to take part in the implementation and monitoring of the new social protection policy, and to ensure that the Government honours its commitments.
  • The EU should provide support to the Government to ensure that adequate financing is put in place to realise the national social protection policy.