Social Protection Monitoring Country Report | Malawi

Main recommendations

  • The EU should support the Government in improving public services and making them more affordable, to ensure that all people have access to quality health care, education and safe drinking water.
  • EU support to the agricultural sector must be modernized to make use of new technologies and techniques to increase productivity and thus rural incomes.
  • More opportunities for training and skills development must be made available to young people in order to assist them in finding jobs.
  • The right to social protection must be promoted, and citizens made aware of this right. The EU’s support to civil society should include civic education, as well as reinforcing civil society organisations in their engagement with the Government.
  • Civil society organisations should have their capacity built, to effectively implement social protection interventions, as well as monitor interventions championed by government and development partners.
  • A sound financial plan for social protection must be developed with EU support in order to ensure that adequate resources are identified and mobilised. The Government should commit a proportion of the national budget to social protection and take full ownership of the policy.