Social Protection Monitoring Country Report | South Africa

Main recommendations

  • The EU should ensure that in its trade relations with South Africa, labour rights and international labour standards are respected and promoted.
  • In terms of the EU’s focus on employment creation, more emphasis should be put on the effective implementation, enforcement and control of labour laws and workers’ rights, especially for vulnerable workers.
  • The EU should enhance efforts to strengthen CSOs’ monitoring role as well as provide support to opening channels of communication between
  • the Government and civil society to enable a real and meaningful dialogue and consultation process.
  • The Government, with EU support, must put in place an adequate funding and a resourcing strategy for a universal social protection scheme.
  • More effort should be made to promote stronger and more coordinated inter-governmental action on social protection.
  • Stronger focus should be put on addressing structural inequalities to ensure that all residents of South Africa have access to high quality services, and ensure that people can exercise their rights to demand better living and working conditions.