Social Rights Monitor 2021 – the state of social rights in Europe

The Social Rights Monitor 2021 is out! We are proud to present the third edition of the Social Rights Monitor, SOLIDAR & FEPS publication that assesses the state of social rights in Europe. In this year's edition 16 countries have been analysed: 13 EU countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands - 2 candidate countries - North Macedonia and Serbia- and the United Kingdom.  

SOLIDAR's members and partners have created 16 National Strategy Groups (NSGs), one in each of the countries covered by the Monitor, composed of experts from CSOs, trade unions and academia. The Social Rights Monitor has been developed based on their observations from the ground and complemented with statistical data and scientific findings. The Monitor, therefore, also reflects the expertise of civil society fighting for social justice in Europe and constitutes a valuable evidence base for policymaking. The analysis of the current state of social rights is even more important in view of the ongoing EU economic governance review, which should put social rights and wellbeing at its centre. A debate on this urgent topic took place in occasion of the launch of the Social Rights Monitor, during our European Conference, last December.  

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