Time to reach for the moon - SDG Monitoring report

"The Time to Reach for the Moon report explains why the EU’s SDG reporting creates an illusion of sustainability and makes concrete proposals for meaningful monitoring to become a stronger foundation for transformative policies.

We tell a more critical story about sustainability in the EU. Our report flags up serious gaps, bringing them to life with 17 individual stories. We also share our vision of what a truly sustainable Europe could look like. We show what we can achieve by 2030 if we do the right things now, building on our Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens, published by civil society for the 2019 European Elections. We offer 17 solutions, real-life examples of progressive policies, innovative initiatives and truly sustainable business models. These glimpses of a sustainable Europe nurture hope and inspire action in people – and need a progressive political framework to support and scale them up."

The report is published by SDG Watch Europe and the initiative Make Europe Sustainable for All, and is coordinated by the European Environmental Bureau and SOLIDAR. Civil society organisations, members and partners of SDG Watch Europe, have contributed by providing case studies and testimonies, and by sharing their knowledge through workshops and consultations.

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