Towards an EU comprehensive strategy for integration of migrants - SOLIDAR Social Progress Watch 2016

This report presents the main findings and general recommendations of the 2016 SOLIDAR Social Progress Watch Initiative regarding third-country nationals’ integration policies implemented at national, regional and local level in the EU. It is based on extensive consultations with SOLIDAR members and partners, and is the second in a two-part series, the first of which is dedicated to the developments in social protection systems.

The objective of the recommendations is to monitor the commitment and progress made by national governments towards a more social inclusive and cohesive Europe. The recommendations aim to promote and strengthen the implementation of the EU Action Plan on integration of third-country nationals, in order to ensure upward social convergence in the EU as enshrined in Article 9 TFEU and in the international commitments of Member States in the field of social protection and integration. The report concludes that national policies on migration do not necessary include comprehensive strategies for integration based on the provision of equal opportunities and concrete means for participation in societies and labour market for migrants and refugees. SOLIDAR therefore calls for a rights-based approach that enforces an inclusive and cohesive integration system accessible to everyone.

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