World of Work Report from a 1st generation Erasmus+ Partnership project

The Erasmus+ project ‘WOW’ (World of Work) is a project where informal learning and peer-to-peer learning empower young individuals to engage in social and democratic processes that enhance their self-esteem and hence their employability. It builds on the methodology of peer learning on topics that the young target groups may not be particularly excited by, such as labour regulations at national and EU level, rights and duties in the labour market, the need to tackle long term  unemployment as well as NEETs (young people ‘Not in Education Employment or Training’), and young people’s own responsibilities in the process.

To address the problems the project highlighted, the World of Work felt the level of key competencies and skills in the following target groups need to be increased:

  • Young people who are voluntarily active in youth work;
  • Youth workers;
  • Young people who are out of work or unskilled or both.

The target groups involved came from Denmark, Serbia, Italy and Ireland.

The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Promote participation in civic life generally,  and in the labour market in particular;
  • Increase their sense of social inclusion and solidarity;
  • Empower individuals and groups towards enhanced employability and youth work;
  • Promote mobility and cooperation between youth from the partner countries;
  • Raise awareness of EU Citizenship through peer-to-peer learning;
  • Improve the capacity of involved organisations.

The youth participants have been part of an ‘Opinion Youth Leader Training’ on different labour market models that include youth opportunities and conditions in education, access to the labour market, and decent working conditions in the four partner countries. On top of that, they applied youth-to-youth activities in a non-formal learning process to empower them individually. This gave the partner organisations new knowledge, experience and greater capacity to tackle these challenges differently.

The activities have included an exchange of experiences among the youth participants. A training seminar took place in Copenhagen, and they have also met in Denmark, Serbia, Italy and Ireland. Youth were interviewed in their respective countries. A video for television and video clips for social media, such as YouTube and Facebook, have been produced. The WOW project is European youth in action.

This Erasmus+ project is a first generation Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme. The focus has been on developing a strong common experience among young people. Part of all the activities in the project has been developing strong personal relations to exchange ideas and develop proposals for use in their own countries, and to develop a stronger future cooperation among the partner organisations.

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