About SOLIDAR Foundation

SOLIDAR organises its work for lifelong and life-wide learning for democratic participation through the SOLIDAR Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to advance our common policy and advocacy work while addressing internal learning needs in what we consider a learning hub for the network.

Through its our member and partner organisations, SOLIDAR Foundation engages citizens in EU decision-making processes, empowers people through lifelong learning, and voices their concerns to the EU institutions by carrying out active lobbying, projects of collective action, policy monitoring, research, and awareness-raising.

SOLIDAR Foundation cooperates with progressive civil society and labour movement organisations, is a founding member of the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) and Civil Society Europe (CSE), and works in strategic partnership with the ETUC.

What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning is the ongoing, self-motivated and value-driven pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of competences and/or skills for personal and/or professional development. We believe in lifelong and lifewide learning as a means to promote social inclusion and active citizenship. Learning can happen and should be promoted at all stages and dimensions of one’s life.

Lifelong and life-wide learning lifts us from all types of poverty, material and not, and frees us. Education does not only belong to the formal setting; it has a place as one of the cornerstones of a democratic society and as such it also belongs to non-formal and informal learning too. SOLIDAR Foundation supports progressive movements, civil society organisations, and trade unions in developing the tools and competences needed to reclaim Europe’s future. The work of SOLIDAR Foundation is for them.