SOLIDAR is a European network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a global reach working to advance social justice through a just transition in Europe and worldwide.

Our over 50 member organisations are based in 24 countries (19 of which are EU countries) and include national CSOs in Europe and abroad. Our greater family also entails partner organisations active at the international level as well as local organisations spread across more than 40 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. SOLIDAR represents and amplifies the voices and demands of its members and partners at the European and international level. SOLIDAR organises its work for lifelong and life-wide learning through the SOLIDAR Foundation for progressive education and citizenry participation. The network is brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation, and its mission that we achieve more together in solidarity.

SOLIDAR voices the concerns of its member organisations and partners to the EU and international institutions across three main policy areas: social affairs, international cooperation, and lifelong learning.

Read SOLIDAR Organisational Strategy for the period 2021-2025

Our vision

SOLIDAR’s vision is a world defined by solidarity, peace, social justice, and sustainable development, organised in a social contract that guarantees universal human rights and freedoms, decent work, and a decent life for all, with a socially just transition at its center.

SOLIDAR’s governing documents