The Network

Alliance building is central to SOLIDAR’s identity and work. It is essential if we want to achieve social, political, and economic change. SOLIDAR is well positioned to play an important role in these processes based on our diverse membership of civil society spanning from trade unions, large federations and smaller NGOs, and our wide reach and connections with access to many kinds of contexts and decision-making arenas.

This is also a central part of the added value that our network represents for our members and partners alike – opening doors and opportunities for collaborations, influence, and impact that would otherwise be closed.

SOLIDAR provides spaces of cooperation, initiates political campaigns and advocacy initiatives, and facilitates access to both decision-makers and decision-making at the European, international levels and connect to the national and local levels. We do this in close cooperation with our members and partners.

Our Members

Our members are progressive civil society organisations based all over Europe as well as some broader networks active at International level. 

Our Partners 

Our partners include: