Build Better Lives Campaign

Together with more than 60 other organisations, SOLIDAR has joined the Build Better Lives campaign and co-signed the declaration “Better buildings today, for better lives tomorrow!”, which calls on policy makers to ensure that Europe’s buildings provide the foundation for an inclusive, fair and just energy transition that puts people first.

The Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) is the main legislative instrument regulating buildings across the EU. The current revision of the EPBD must address the ‘trilemma’ of rising energy costs, the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency. Making our homes and buildings energy efficient and renewable is the answer to these issues, as it can help reduce our dependence on dangerous, expensive and volatile fossil fuels, help shield people from energy poverty, and improve air quality while also combatting the climate crisis.

To deliver a socially and environmentally sound Buildings Directive, the signatories of the statement call for:

  • Maximising the energy performance potential of our homes and buildings through a ‘Holistic Deep Renovation Wave’.
  • A strong and clear regulatory framework needs to be implemented with equally strong social safeguards.
  • Adequate and sufficient funding should be ringfenced to vulnerable households to prioritise the renovation of the worst performing homes of low-income households.
  • Activating and supporting national and local actors on the ground through adequate EU building policies can enable a multitude of stakeholders to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Now more than ever, decision-makers need to address skyrocketing energy bills, heating and cooling challenges and the looming climate crisis. We need a legislative framework that prioritises the leakiest buildings and includes financial support, technical assistance and strong social protection; because a socially just and ambitious Buildings Directive means delivering better buildings for better lives tomorrow.

The full statement is available in English, Spanish and French in the right-hand column and visit the website of the Build Better Lives campaign. SOLIDAR thanks Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) for this initiative.