SOLIDAR's input on recognition of qualifications of non-EU nationals

SOLIDAR & SOLIDAR Foundation (SOLIDAR) have contributed to the European Commission's Call for evidence on Recognition of qualifications of non-EU nationals. You can see SOLIDAR's submission on the call's platform or download it on the right of this article.

As acknowledged in the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion, facilitating the recognition of prior learning and qualification is key to inclusion of non-EU nationals. Ensuring social inclusion means looking beyond simply finding any job; it entails making sure that migrants, including refugees, get their qualifications recognized, so they can get a job that matches their aspirations and qualifications, as well as pursue education or adult learning.

SOLIDAR believes procedures for recognition of non-Europeans' qualifications that foster social inclusion must be:

- Accessible and affordable;

- Streamlined and context-sensitive;

- Mindful of non-formal and informal learning;

- Co-created between all stakeholders.

- Embedded in a comprehensive, long-term vision for migration for all purposes.

You can download the complete submission on the right of this article.

SOLIDAR thanks its members Centre for Peace Studies, La Ligue de l'Enseignement and partner Dafni Kek for their input.