A new project to Enhance Adult Learners’ Voices kicked off!

An EU-funded project titled Enhancing Adult Learners Voices (ENHANCE) was launched in Brussels on 18-19 January. The kick-off meeting brought together the project consortium coordinated by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA). The partners met to begin work on this project aimed at strengthening the voice of adult learners. The characteristics of adult learners and the unique nature of adult education make it imperative that adult learners are actively involved, shape and drive the learning process. Creating learning spaces where education is based on the voice of the learner inherently democratises it, leading to a deeper connection with society and the learning topic at hand.

ENHANCE will focus on bottom-up approaches and learners as agents of change in their communities, through the creation of a comprehensive and interactive matrix of existing initiatives that promote learners’ voices, the creation of a roadmap and a set of policy recommendations. The project will also produce booklets to enhance learners’ voices, and a series of podcasts that will be socially activated in the public space.

The consortium of the Erasmus+ funded project consists of 8 partner organisations, including SOLIDAR Foundation, based in 7 EU countries. It will run until June 2026.

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