Building back better needs strong trade unions: SOLIDAR message on May Day

Social justice, social dialogue, social rights and feminism are key elements for a sustainable, fair, human-centred and resilient recovery in a just transition. 

On May 1st, International Workers’ Day, the second we are living in this context of a global pandemic, SOLIDAR celebrates the international workers’ movement and trade unions’ work to achieve social justice all around the world. 

Trade unions are the backbone of sound democracies and indispensable partners to ensure a human-centered just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With a loss of some 255 million jobs globally in 2020 (ILO data) and an estimated drop of around 130 million jobs in 2021, SOLIDAR joins the call that the International Trade Union Confederation is making to governments to make quality and sustainable jobs creation a central objective to ensure a fair and just recovery that leaves no-one behind. 

Strong trade union organisations are of paramount importance for this to happen. Therefore, on this May Day, SOLIDAR wants to remember and express its SOLIDARITY particularly with the trade union movements in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey and Belarus, and join the call to free all jailed trade unionists in those countries and all around the world. 

Building back better needs strong trade unions, strong social dialogue and workers’ freedom to join the trade union of their choice.