First edition of the EUROGAP training program

In this pilot edition SOLIDAR foundation organized 5-day activities where 11 young leaders from our member organisations CEMEA from France, WEA from the UK and our cooperating partner ABF from Sweden successfully participated.  

From day one members engaged in many cooperative activities. They shared their culture, values of their organizations as well as their experiences in relation to the nexus between climate and social justice two matters intrinsically linked. Listening to each other’s perspectives led our members to share a common definition of social and climate justice, identify common challenges and thus propose solution related to both issues. During these days, they also talked with some of our allies, like ETUC youth (represented by Lucie Susova) on how to expand our understanding of social and climate justice, and how other actors like the Unions tackles these issues.    

At the end of the program, the members had the opportunity to visit European institutions and affiliates, such as the EESC, where they spoke with representative Maria Nikolopoulou from the EESC Workers Group on how to find a common understanding of social and climate justice at European level, even among conflicting interests. They then visited the European Parliament in occasion also of the Silver Rose Award, and they met S&D MEPs Isabel Carvalhais, and Joao Albuquerque, and Lorenzo Repetti from ETUC, to better understand the threat posed by nationalism and the far right and develop strategies to counter it. 

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