Impact of COVID-19 in Central America: Economic and Social Rights cannot be kept on hold!

SOLIDAR members in Central America joined together to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on the region, looking particularly to economic and social rights – enabling environment, decent work and access to health. This analysis also includes recommendations to the European Union to support Central America during this crisis. Download the full text in Spanish.

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MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – FEBRUARY 28: A couple walk at the yard of Beauty Arts Palace on February 28, 2020 in Mexico City, Mexico. The Secretariat of Health of Mexico announced on Friday the first two confirmed cases of COVID-19. One of the patients is in Mexico City and the other in Sinaloa, a second test is pending on the latter but is being treated as confirmed. Both patients had traveled to northern Italy where there has been an outbreak. It is the second Latin American country to confirm the virus after Brazil did it on Thursday. (Photo by Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/Getty Images)

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