Let’s go to vote and shape our future for all!

The moment has come to cast our vote for a forward-looking vision, putting people first while respecting the planet and making solidarity the guiding light to achieve social justice. To cast our vote to make a different future for Europe. 

This election is crucial because it’s about more than casting a vote for something. Leaving our homes to go to vote this weekend will be an act aimed at protecting our democracy against those who breed fear for the sake of winning more power for the minority whose interests they represent. Standing up, calling a friend, going with our grandparents to the polling booth, reminding family members that it’s election day is all about putting an end to hatred in our society and ultimately demanding solutions.

The far-right has a nationalist agenda and wants the EU to end. They don’t have any solutions to propose but rather scapegoats to exploit to further their interests. They have been attacking Women’s Rights and Civil Society Organisations as soon as they got into government, and they will try to do the same in the EP if they get more representation. They say they don’t want migrants but they don’t offer a viable solution for people dying at sea.

Conservatives keep talking about fiscal consolidation and don’t want to hear about any social investment. Their Spitzenkandidat still defends the same austerity that scarred the future of too many young people and undermined the social rights of too many Europeans.

Nationalists don’t make themselves at home in the far-right only. We find populists at different ends of the political spectrum. We must stand up this weekend and go to vote against their narrative.

If we don’t vote, we vote for them. If we don’t claim the right to decide what we want, we cannot affect the decisions that will be made. If we don’t own our right to have our say, our voice falls silent. 

We are progressive pro-Europeans because we are convinced that if the EU is united for real it can deliver better and more effective solutions to achieve social justice.

The time has come to claim, enjoy and own our rights. The time has come to call our friends and family and invite them to go to vote and to do so for a progressive vision. We are not afraid of the future, we want to shape it. We can only shape it by standing united. Let’s make it happen!