Majalat 2019: towards a structured dialogue between the CSOs from the Southern Neighbourhood and the EU

On 15, 16 and 17 January, SOLIDAR met with consortium’s members of the Majalat Project. Launched in 2018 for a three-year duration, Majalat aims at building a constructive dialogue between the EU and Civil Society. During the three-day meeting, consortium’s members evaluated the activities and challenges of the first year and planned for the 2019 cycle.

SOLIDAR is proud to take part in this ambitious project that fosters dialogue and meaningful CSO participation in EU Neighbourhood policies in the South Mediterranean. This project also allows SOLIDAR and its member to provide meaningful inputs into the dialogue on economic and social rights, migration and civil society space. In 2018, the dialogue on this topic focused on the impact of trade agreements, the responsibility of the private sector regarding the respect of labour rights, the need for more social protection and the design of effective education and vocational training policies to address youth employment issues. On this matter, SOLIDAR considers it crucial that business and investment banks respect human rights, that CSOs be involved  in the design, assessment and monitoring of trade agreements, and that a greater emphasis is put on policies and reforms aimed at strong social protection systems and social development, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable groups.

In the upcoming year, participants will explore further the above-mentioned topics and identify new entry points for dialogue. For example, this year will start with thematic workshops to examine in greater depths the topics of Governance, Migration, the Fight against Violence, Climate Justice and Economic and Social Rights. National activities will then take place to build CSO’s capacities. The second half of the year will offer more structured space for dialogue through a regional meeting in the Southern Neighbourhood and a Brussels Civil Forum where CSOs and EU representatives will meet together and discuss priorities identified during the year.

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