VALUE | Solidarity Matters 

This project is closed and ran between 2021 and 2022.


ValUE – Solidarity Matters is a Europe for Citizens funded project withing the strand Civil Society Projects. The project provides with a deeper understanding for the participants involved of the role of solidarity for societal well-being.


Through the Solidarity Labs, participants shared definitions of the term “solidarity”, allowing for a collection of understandings resulting in a Dictionary of Solidarity (SoliDictionary) reflecting participants contribution and the diversity of definitions. The Solidarity Labs are non-formal education trainings, engaging participants in gaming activities that allow to understand the impact of solidarity and civic engagement as game-changers in crisis scenarios. In particular, participants will playfully see the different outcomes of a crisis situation in relation to how the pandemic has affected their communities. 


Through the 9 Solidarity Labs (Action Trainings) organised in Greece, Romania, France, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Spain, Sweden and Belgium, the project fosters civic and democratic engagement at EU level and the debate on the future of Europe.

The results of the Solidarity Labs are collected in a Web-Documentary, a multimedia communication product which will allow for indirect participation in the project, dissemination of its outcomes and sustainability of its results after the end of the project.  

Project partners

The consortium is coordinated by SOLIDAR Foundation and comprises: