Briefing Note – Education for Environmental Sustainability

SOLIDAR Foundation is launching its Briefing Note on Education for Environmental Sustainability which aims to highlight the connections between the several ongoing initiatives at the EU level regarding EES and GCE, to support our members and partners’ advocacy actions for improving the policy making around the topic. This occurs in the framework of SOLIDAR Foundation’s work on GCE, working on advocacy towards the mainstreaming of Education for Environmental Sustainability (EES) in formal, non-formal and informal learning. 

The environmental dimension of Education for Sustainable Development addressed by Education for Environmental Sustainability, equips all learners with the tools to understand the interconnections among natural systems, human actions, and the need for individuals and groups to analyse issues, make decisions, and take actions that support sustainable ecosystems. EES is fundamental to implement transformative education at national and European level and facilitate the transition to a just and green society. Our advocacy will focus on ensuring that EES encompasses the lifelong and life-wide learning approach and contributes to the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals subtarget 4.7

The 2021 edition of the Citizenship and Lifelong learning Monitor will further offer evidence-based policy recommendations on EES and its linkages to GCE, thanks to the analysis carried out in 11 countries, with the support of our members. SOLIDAR Foundation commits to continue the monitoring of the policy developments around EES, both on the European and national level.

Please find SOLIDAR Foundation’s contribution to consultation on EES.