BRIEFING PAPER 108 – What happens in key EU institutions after the June 2024 European Parliament elections? 

Over 400 million Europeans voted in the European Parliament elections from 6-9 June 2024, resulting in a conservative shift in the European Parliament. Following these elections, a series of key events and negotiations will take place, affecting the three main EU Institutions – the European Parliament, European Council, and European Commission – to set priorities for the new EU political cycle and redistribute roles within these institutions.

This briefing paper outlines the main post-election events, including the formation of political groups and the nomination of key positions in the EU institutions. The process of replacing key roles and bodies in these institutions is complex, but understanding how the EU functions is key to the work of civil society organisations and to advancing their goals and democracy in Europe. This paper aims to break down and explain these processes.

Read the report or download it below.

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