Economic and Social Rights Report – Burkina Faso

How can the European Union (EU) better contribute to building an enabling space for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Burkina Faso? How can the EU support the progressive realization of Economic and Social Rights – that is to say Freedom of Association and the Right to Organise, Decent Work and the Right to Social Protection for all – in connection with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

The SOLIDAR Network is active in Burkina Faso through its member and partner organisations. Its first Economic and Social Rights Report on the country, published in early 2020, provided an overview of the challenges faced by the Burkinabé in respect to matters such as Decent Work, Social Protection as well as enabling space for civil society. Building on that report, the current one, realised under the leadership of SOLIDAR’s member Solidarité Laïque, takes a closer look at the main challenges faced by the country in regard to the achievement of the rights of Decent Work and Social Protection for Burkinabé workers involved in small-scale informal artisanal gold mining in Burkina Faso.

The report concludes with recommendations for the EU and its Delegation to Burkina Faso on how to support the country in achieving the full realisation of these rights for its people and workers.

The Report is also available in French.

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