Learning for citizenship never ends: Repository of Good Practices on Citizenship and Lifelong Learning

After 7 years of work, covering 6 flagship publications, the work of SOLIDAR Foundation on the Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor is coming to an end. The conclusion represents the end of a research endeavour and an exercise in taking stock of how national and European policies on lifelong learning, especially on citizenship education, have developed over the years. Though research has to conclude and reflection needs to be done, the ending of the Monitor does in no way signify the end of the work that the membership of SOLIDAR Foundation is doing on the ground. The Monitor collected over the years a sample of this work and it is time to fully shine the light on this, while emphasising the fact that this work continues, grows, changes. For this reason, we proudly present our Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor 2016-2021 Repository of Case Studies. The publication contains the majority of member-based case studies that appear in all our editions, divided based on themes, highlighting which are ongoing and which have grown to become something else.

This sample is representative of what the SOLIDAR Foundation membership does in Europe to ensure access to inclusive, equal and quality education to all learners, regardless of their background, in a lifelong learning manner within formal, informal and non-formal education. Such examples have been used as solutions for the challenges identified over the course of the Monitor research when it comes to access to learning, provision of holistic education that goes beyond simply preparing learning for the labour market, to the education needed to ensure active participation in society. We wish to conclude this work by extending our gratitude to the our members and partners for graciously sharing with us inputs on their work but also for their tremendous work with learners across Europe. SOLIDAR Foundation will continue to promote these examples, develop synergies across members working on similar topics and explore how these examples make an impact and develop.

The document is available for exploring below and we fully encourage you to get in touch with elisa.gambardella@solidar.org should you wish to be put in contact with any of the members providing good practice examples.

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